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International School of Nagano

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ISN Ueda School is an affiliate of the International School of Nagano (ISN), which provides world-class education as an International Baccalaureate (IB) accredited school.
  • With several pre-schools (certified kindergartens) and elementary schools in Nagano Prefecture, many children are growing up in a "multicultural, multilingual" and "inquiry-based learning" environment.
  • ISN is a fun, relaxing, "school for you" (the children). We value creative play and hands-on activities that are child-centered and that develop the children's ability to learn in an "exciting" way, without restricting them.
  • In addition to English language learning, we also place great importance on outdoor experiences and play in nature.

Acceptable age and number of students

The preschool is divided into two buildings next to each other, and children attend the preschool of their target age group.
  • ISN Uedahara Campus (0-2 year old)
  • ISN Preschool Ueda (3-5 year old)
Acceptable age
0-year-olds (children who will turn 1 year old on their birthday during the fiscal year)Unacceptable
1 year old (children who will turn 2 years old on their birthday during the school year)AcceptableISN Uedahara Campus
2-year-olds (children who will turn 3 years old on their birthday during the school year)AcceptableISN Uedahara Campus
3-year-olds (children who will turn 4 years old on their birthday during the school year)AcceptableISN Preschool Ueda
4-year-olds (children who will turn 5 years old on their birthday during the school year)AcceptableISN Preschool Ueda
5-year-olds (children who will turn 6 years old on their birthday during the school year)AcceptableISN Preschool Ueda (As the school is newly established, there will be no senior class in 2023, and the children will be accepted in the 4-year-old class.)
Acceptance of children who have never been in the care of a preschoolUnacceptable
※ Temporary care for elementary school students is also available, please inquire.
Acceptable number of children
Number of children acceptable during the same period (in Japan Preschool Exchange students)Within 3 families (slots) of simultaneous acceptance 1, 2, and 3 year old children can be accepted at the same time. Up to 1 child of 4 and 5 years old at a time

Childcare Hours

Standard Hours - Childcare
  • 8:30~16:30 8hours
Please come to preschool at 8:30~9:00 and pick up your child by 16:00~16:30.
【About the first day at preschool】
On the first day of school, please arrive at the preschool by 8:45 a.m. for orientation.

What to bring/prepare


  • You are required to wear your own clothes.

<Personal belongings for each day>

<3-5 year old class> 3-5 year old class - Preschool Ueda_Personal belongings 【Daily Items】 Please write your child's name in Roman letters on all belongings using a permanent ink pen.
1-2 Year Old ClassChange of clothes (top, bottom, underwear, socks)2 sets
Naptime blanket
Mat towel for Naptime
DiapersFor 2-year-olds (as needed) - Please label each one (on the back)
Plastic bagsOne for diapers, one for clothing
Diaper wipes
Hand-carry bag
Lunch bag
Water bottleTheir usual drink (water, barley tea, etc.)
3-5 Year Old Class (common)Tote bag
School bag
Indoor shoes & shoe bag
Change of clothes (top, bottom, underwear, socks)2 sets
Swimwear setPut swimwear, swimming cap, towel, and plastic bag in the swimwear bag
Naptime setBedspread towel and blanket
Water bottleTea or water
Hand towel with hook
3-Year-Old ClassLunch bagApron, handkerchief, chopsticks, spoon (in a case), toothbrush, cup, plastic bag
Diapers & plastic bagLabel each one
Diaper wipes
4-5 Year Old ClassLunch bagChopsticks, spoon (in a case), toothbrush with its case, cup, plastic bag
Handkerchief, tissue


  • You may walk or drive to the school. It is approximately a 13-minute walk or 5-minute drive from our accommodations. There are parking spaces near the school.
  • There is no shuttle bus service.

Access Map

About School Lunch

  • School lunch and snacks are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q Can I leave my child with you on holidays?
A The school is closed on national holidays, so children will be cared for at home.

Q Do you have a contact book?
A You will be able to communicate with us through an application called CCS. Once you have decided to study abroad, we will guide you on how to register.

About Event Days

Several times a year, we have event days. On these days, we ask that parents/guardians participate as much as possible, and the event will end in the morning, after which the children will be dismissed from the school. Please note that some of the events may require the parents to pay the actual cost of the event at the site.
 ISN Preschool Ueda (3~5 years old)
9/15 (Fri) Sports Festival in the morning 10/27 (Fri) Halloween Party a.m. 12/15 (Fri) Christmas Show a.m.
 ISN Uedahara Campus (0~2yrs old)
5/26 (Fri) Parent & Child Field Trip 9/15 (Fri) Sports Festival 10/27 (Fri) Halloween Party

What to do in the event of a new coronavirus/influenza outbreak

  1. In the event that a preschooler or a daycare worker has a close contact with a positive person, the child will be suspended from attending preschool for 5 days from the date of the last contact with a positive person.
  1. If a preschool child or daycare worker tests positive, the child will be suspended from attending preschool for 7 days. 3.
  1. For those who have been treated as 1 or 2, we will check the situation on a case-by-case basis and inform them when they can start attending preschool.
  1. Due to the nature of the day-care center, we will try to avoid suspensions as much as possible, but if there are multiple confirmed cases of close contacts or positive cases, it is highly likely that the day-care center will be closed. Therefore, the decision to close the preschool will be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation at that time.
  1. If the decision to close the school is made during childcare, the child will be picked up immediately. Note that if this is in the morning, there will be no school lunch.