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You can experience a 'mini-immigration' that allows you to raise your children in a relaxed atmosphere within the mild climate that persists throughout the year.
Every year, around 90 people choose to relocate to our city. When we ask about the reasons that led to their decision, we often hear about the 'abundant nature,' the 'delicious seafood and mountain delicacies,' and the 'child-friendly environment.' In relocation destination rankings published by migration-specialized magazines, we proudly hold the top position in the 'towns where child-rearing generations want to live' category within the prefecture.
Access to Amakusa can be achieved by using Amakusa Airlines from Fukuoka Airport or via Kumamoto Airport. Amakusa Airlines is known as the smallest regular airline in Japan, and both the compact aircraft and the aerial view of the Amakusa Islands will be a novel experience for your children.

ABOUT PRESCHOOL Mogushi Umino Preschool

What we prioritize above all else is being 'child-centered.' We engage with the children in a way that makes them feel like the main characters, without imposing undue guidance or direction. Instead of teaching 'how things should be' or providing right answers, we aim to recognize and respect the uniqueness of each child, encouraging them to think and express themselves.
Our staff diligently acknowledges the small discoveries made by the children, empathizes with them, and strives to create a nursery where coming here is a source of joy every day. Here, we don't say, 'Don't get your clothes dirty' while playing. Instead, we say, 'Let's get all muddy together! Mogushi Umino Preschool (Japanese page)

Our Philosophy

Located in the southwestern part of Kumamoto Prefecture and consisting of a collection of islands surrounded by beautiful seas, Amakusa City is blessed with abundant marine resources, a warm climate, and a friendly community.
Amakusa City's certified children's nursery, 'Mogushi Childcare Center' situated in Ushibuka, has been nurturing children's growth for over 50 years, spanning generations from the current head teacher's grandfather.
Our children's nursery is not only for families residing in Amakusa City but also ideal for those who share the desire to raise their children by the sea or wish to return to Amakusa and live as a family.
In Amakusa City's Japan Preschool Exchange program, we welcome child-rearing families from across the country to 'Mogushi Childcare Center.'You can live in this area for approximately 2-3 weeks, experiencing the richness of Amakusa City through its bountiful food and natural beauty. It's an opportunity for your children and your entire family to experience the blessings of the beautiful sea and establish connections with the local community.
As a city, we aim to build long-term relationships by working collaboratively with children's nurseries and local businesses to create an inclusive, open engagement with people from outside our region.
We would be delighted if you could join us in nurturing this new project in Amakusa City.


Getting in Touch with Nature to the Fullest

The Charms of Mogushi Umino Preschool
In the playground of Mogushi Umino Preschool, you won't find traditional playground equipment. Instead, it's filled with natural materials like mud, leaves, and stones.
The nursery is surrounded by pristine forests and a small river where fireflies fly. While interacting with nature, children continuously discover, explore, and deepen their connection to the natural world, playing together.
The experiences of becoming one with nature, engaging with it, and being embraced by it, nurture each child's expressive abilities and creativity, becoming the 'root of life' for every child.

Enhancing the Senses by the Sea

Emotional Experiences Amidst Overwhelming Nature
The preschool is located near the breathtaking Mogushi Shirahama Beach, where sea turtles come to nest. We value interactions with the sea throughout the year, not just in the summer.
Curious children are engrossed in 'tide pool exploration.' These unique experiences from outdoor play are precious treasures.
The saltiness of the sea, the scent of the ocean, the sound of the waves – outdoor play offers an immeasurable amount of sensory information compared to indoors, stimulating a child's senses to the fullest. Through profound 'emotional experiences' in the midst of overwhelming nature, children grow significantly.
Here, it's not very common for everyone to start something all at once. Every day follows an 'original schedule.' You can immerse yourself in something you like in your favorite spot or spend your time changing locations as you please. However, at first, children who started playing scattered inside and outside the nursery may find themselves, without realizing it, coming together as one to create something. The excitement of not knowing what's waiting continues for a long time.

Heart and Body-Friendly Homemade Meals

Nutritious Focus on Meals and Snacks
All the meals and snacks for the children are homemade. We create balanced and nutritious meals every day while focusing on their health and 'chewing power.'
We avoid using white sugar and actively incorporate additive-free seasonings and organic ingredients, including pesticide-free, fertilizer-free rice from Amakusa and salt harvested in Mogushi.
What we cherish is not eliminating picky eating but fostering gratitude for nature and a joy for food. Eating vegetables that we all planted and harvested together, from planting to harvest, is one of the children's pleasures.

Seafood and Harbor Living

Activities and Lifestyle in Amakusa City
The Ushibuka area of Amakusa City boasts the largest fishing port in the prefecture. It is also home to Japan's first underwater park, where you can see a variety of coral reefs and beautiful fish.
In the morning or after work, grab a fishing rod and head to the sea. On weekends, try the 'Amakusa way' by taking a glass-bottom boat ride with your family or going diving!
For shopping, visit 'Michi-no-Eki Ushibuka Kaisaikan,' just a 5-minute drive away. You'll be thrilled with fresh ingredients and local seafood. Indulge in the pleasures of living in a coastal town.

Optional Activities for Family

  • Family fishing on a boat
Even beginners can enjoy it without bringing anything! You can experience fishing with your family in the Ushibuka sea, which is said to be the most beautiful in Kyushu. The types of fish you can catch vary depending on the season, but you can catch yellowtail, horse mackerel, red sea bream, rockfish, and squid. Enjoy freshly caught fish on board or back at your accommodation. Whether you like fishing or are experiencing it for the first time, we will support you so that you can enjoy the unique experience of the fishing port town of Ushibuka!
・Required time: About 2 hours ・Participating age: Children as young as 0 years old can board the ship as long as safety is ensured with a baby carrier etc. ・Number of people who can make a reservation: Up to 4 people per boat ・If you have a boat license, you can also rent one. (Insurance required) ・Held by: Ushibuka no Yado 108, the seaside town ・Reservation method: If you wish to apply for this option, please let us know at the time of reservation.

Fully Equipped Guest House

Accommodation for Short Stays We offer a guest house run by the locals. The rooms are on a private floor, ensuring your privacy. The common area can also be used as a workspace. ▼108-3F



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