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Hazeru Child Care Center

1. Preschool Overview

Preschool NameHazeru Child Care Center
Official Website (Japanese website)
Address377-1 Akanuma-machi, Assabu Town, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido
Phone Number+81 139 56 7310
Preschool Size120 children
Age Range6 months to 6 years old
Children who have no experience of attending preschoolAcceptable
Drop-off Time8:30
Pick-up Time16:30
Extended DaycareUnavailable
Food AllergySupported
AttirePlain clothes
Distance between Preschool to Accommodation2 km (3-6 mins. by car)

2. What to Bring

Make sure to write the child’s name on every item.
What to Bring Daily
All ClassesBackpackWithout keychains or other decorative items
Child-sized toothbrush (*1)Child-sized (no toothpaste or case)
Clothes (shirts, pants, underwear, socks)2 sets (or more, more for children who perspire heavily)
DiapersPlease remember to replenish if they run out (approximately 5 per day)
Baby wipes1 pack, for use if needed. Please provide replacements if they run out.
(*1) We store toothbrushes in the sterilization cabinets for each class. Please check and prepare them as some may not fit due to their shape.
Items Available for Borrowing at the Preschool
Wet towel and caseWet the towel and place it in the case, and please bring it daily.
Water cup and cup holder
Hand towel
Towel for pillow, Bath towelFor 0-3 year-olds
Bed sheetsFor 2-3 year-olds
Cold weather gear bag
Hat (yellow)
Shoe bagDrawstring bag for socks
Seasonal Items
In addition to the items listed below, there may be additional belongings required for each season. We will inform you as needed. Further details will be provided during individual consultations.
Winter hatCovering the head and ears. Please refrain from using earmuffs and scarves.
Snow wearOutdoor play is more comfortable with waterproof and water-resistant features.
GlovesFor ages 0-3, we recommend mittens. For ages 4-5, both mittens and five-finger gloves are acceptable. To prevent loss, attach a string connecting both gloves
Winter BootsOpt for tall boots to keep snow out. Since we engage in extended snow activities, winter boots are recommended to keep the feet warm.
Foot CoversSnow covers worn over snow gear and winter boots.

3. Attire

Please come to the preschool in casual clothes.
Please bring clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.
We may use name tags for children. Please wear clothes that you do not mind having holes in them.
  • Please dress your child in clothing that allows them to independently manage their own dressing, with features like zippers or buttons, and is easy to move in and remove on their own. Choose items that your child can easily handle during toileting and changing.
  • As outdoor activities are frequent, kindly refrain from clothing that may restrict movement, such as dresses or skirts. Select outdoor shoes that your child can put on and take off by themselves.
  • During rainy days, please wear rain boots to the nursery. As we practice year-round barefoot childcare, indoor shoes are not necessary. Except during winter, please use the hat purchased from the nursery when coming to the nursery. For protection against strong sunlight and head injuries in case of falls, wearing a hat during outdoor activities is required.
  • If your child's hair reaches shoulder length, please tie it up when coming to the nursery. While hair accessories are allowed, avoid using hard, pointed, or sharp items for safety reasons.

4. Preschool Lunch

Food allergySupported
Ages 0 to 3: Prepared On-Site
For children aged 0 to 3 years, we provide meals and snacks (morning and afternoon).
*For 3-year-olds, snacks are only provided in the afternoon. *For babies aged 0 to 1, we provide meals suitable for their weaning stage. If there are any unfamiliar ingredients, we kindly request families to try them at home beforehand to confirm if there are any allergic reactions.
Ages 4 and 5: Supplied from the Town's Meal Center
For children aged 4 and 5 years, we receive meals and snacks (afternoon) from the town's meal center. Snacks are prepared on-site.
Bento Cooperation Days
Several times a year, we have "Bento Cooperation Days" where families are requested to bring their own lunches. On these days, regular meals are not provided, so if your stay coincides with a Bento Cooperation Day, we ask that you prepare and bring your own lunch.
On Bento Cooperation Days, we will lend out bento boxes and utensils, so please put your prepared lunch in them and bring it to the school.
AprilTo understand each child's favorite ingredients and typical eating habits.
JuneExcursion Day: We have a reserve day and two days for bringing your own lunch.
SeptemberWe will enjoy a picnic day and ask families to bring their own bento.
JanuaryClass Exchange: Children will have fun activities with their favorite classmates and enjoy lunch together.
MarchFarewell Party: Children will spend time with their best friends in a favorite location.

5. Communication Notebook

We will use the communication tool ‘Kidsly’ for parents.
Please download the application (for iPhone users, click here / for Android users, click here) before the online pre-meeting with the preschool. Once downloaded, let the Operation Office know so that we can support you for registration.

6. Health Conditions

FeverWe will contact you if your child has a fever of 38.0°C or higher.
Infectious diseases (*1)If your child becomes infected, please ensure to promptly consult a doctor, discuss your child's health condition with both the attending physician and the preschool, and keep your child at home until permission is granted (preferably until fully recovered). In the case of influenza, attendance is restricted until both of the following conditions are met - 5 days after the onset - 3 days after fever subsides Please note that the onset day refers to the day symptoms of influenza, such as a fever of 38.0°C or higher, began, not the day of the hospital visit. (*2)
Injuries Injuries during childcare will be handled by the preschool.
MedicationNot available (*3)
Care for sick childrenNot available
Cases of deferring attendance
(*1) Please refer to the attendance criteria here when your child is infected.
(*2) The period for abstaining from attendance due to influenza
(*3) We cannot administrate medication at the preschool.
  • Measure the child's temperature every morning, record it in Kidsly, the communication application, and submit the communication notebook.
  • Inform the preschool in advance if your child has a chronic condition (seizures, epilepsy, pediatric asthma, allergies, etc.).
  • When your child is absent due to illness, please contact the preschool with the 'name of the illness' and its 'condition.' Also, report it through Kidsly if applicable.
  • Even if there are no visible abnormalities in the child's body at the time of attendance, please provide detailed information if there was fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, etc., the previous day or previous night.
  • For 4 to 5-year-old children, fluoride mouthwash will be implemented to promote the healthy development of their teeth.
  • Please refer to the separately distributed material for fluoride mouthwash and report whether it will be implemented on a separate sheet.
  • In addition to the above, a visual health check and cleanliness check will be conducted every morning.
Insurances We recommend that you purchase travel insurance in advance if necessary.

7. Additional Expenses

We offer photos for sale to those interested at a price of 1,000 JPY including tax. The photos will be saved on a USB and handed over to you.

8. Other

  • On the first day of attendance, please arrive at the preschool after 8:45 a.m. This is to avoid overlapping with the arrival time of current students and facilitate a smoother transition. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Handling of Personal Information
  • At the preschool, we strictly adhere to the obligation of confidentiality for personal information to prevent leaks and handle it appropriately.
  • The documents you submit will not be used for purposes other than daily childcare. However, in emergency situations such as evacuations or extracurricular activities, we may carry phone numbers for urgent contact, with careful handling.
  • For individuals taking photos or videos during events, please be considerate of images of other children and handle them with utmost care.
  • At the preschool, there may be instances where your child's photos are published in the town's public relations materials, on the website, or in preschool announcements through tools like Kidsly. We will seek separate consent from parents through an additional document. We appreciate your understanding of the purpose and cooperation in this matter."
Supplementary Explanation Regarding Commuting to the Nursery (We have summarized points where your cooperation is requested when commuting to the nursery.)
  • During the program, please take your child's temperature every morning, input the data into the communication app 'Kidsly,' and submit it.
  • For the safety of the children in transit, please responsibly escort your child to and from the preschool.
  • During drop-off and pick-up, adhere to COVID-19 prevention measures by wearing masks, sanitizing hands, entering the premises, and conducting handovers at the entrance.
  • Please use the entrance of the 'Potetto' Child Rearing Support Center.
  • In the event of absence (or lateness), please contact us by phone or through Kidsly by 8:30 AM.
  • Upon arrival, record your child's attendance by using the provided tablet for clocking in.