FAQ Assabu


■Inquiries about the reservation

Q: What is the age range for participation?

A: The program is available for children aged 0 years and 3 months to 6 years old (pre-schoolers, until March of the fiscal year they turn 5). However, since the school enrollment age may vary in foreign countries compared to Japan, we will confirm the child's date of birth to determine eligibility.

Q: Can the child go to preschool on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays?

A: This program provides childcare services from Monday to Friday. And If your stay includes a public holiday, the childcare service will be closed on that day. From December 30th to January 5th of the year 2024, is the holiday period for the childcare facility, so the service will not be available during that time.

■Inquiries about the childcare center

Q: I'm worried if my child will be able to adjust to the childcare centre...

A: It's understandable to have concerns. Many children, even those who have previously attended, may cry or take some time to adjust on their first day. However, our dedicated teachers will be there to support your child until they become familiar with the environment. Please rest assured that we will closely monitor your child's growth and development together.

Q: Are there any children with foreign nationality among the enrolled students?

A: Currently, the majority of enrolled students are Japanese children, but we do have children with foreign roots as well. Even if you participate in this program, you will be able to enjoy the nursery school life together with the other children at the facility.

Q: I have never experienced a Japanese nursery school before, so I am a bit nervous…

A: This program allows you to spend the entire day with the enrolled children, following the style of Japanese nursery schools. It may be different from your usual nursery school experience. However, such cross-cultural experiences can be new and exciting for your child, leading to joyful growth. Our childcare staff will provide full support throughout the program. If you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Q: I have dietary restrictions due to religious reasons. Can you accommodate that?

A: We will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions and ensure that you feel comfortable. Please discuss your specific needs with us, and we will work together to find suitable options.

Q: Is it necessary to coordinate with the childcare centre my child is enrolled in?

A: Generally, it is not necessary. Please inform the childcare facility where your child is enrolled that they will be on leave during the study abroad period.

Q: Can my child attend the childcare centre even if they are not enrolled in another nursery?

A: Yes, they can attend. If you have any concerns about their first day at the facility, please feel free to consult with us.

Q: Is extended childcare available?

A: We apologize, but the operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, so the childcare services are only available during this time.

■Inquiries about transportation

Q: Can you provide information on how to access Assabu-cho?

Click here for transportation info: Access INFO
Please note that the number of buses from Hakodate is limited. You can refer to the Hakodate Bus timetable for the routes from Hakodate Airport or JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station South Exit to Assabu Bus Stop.
Bus timetable: 函館バス時刻表

Q: Can you provide information on transportation within the town?

A: Car (Highly recommended):
Driving a car is the most recommended means of transportation. There are no car rental services available in Assabu-cho. It is recommended to rent a car from Hakodate. If you are concerned about driving in snowy conditions during winter, you can consider taking a snow driving course at the Assabu Driver's School. Please contact them for the schedule and fees.
Assabu Driver's School
Address: 51 Midoricho, Assabu-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido 043-1112
Phone: 0139-64-3177
Bicycle (Available only during summer):
You can rent bicycles locally, including ones with child seats. However, the number of bicycles available is limited, so it is recommended to inquire and reserve in advance. The distance between the accommodation facilities and the childcare facility is approximately 3 km one way. There are also shops in the vicinity where you can find daily necessities. Please note that in July and August, temperatures can exceed 30°C, and during winter, there will be snow. Consider the destination and season when deciding whether to use bicycles.
Please note that the availability of bicycles is limited.

Q: How far is it from the residence to the childcare centre?

A: The distance from the residence to Hazel, the childcare centre, is approximately 3 km (a 6-minute drive). We have compiled a map of the surrounding area, including the childcare facility, for your reference. Please feel free to check it.
Please click here to view the surrounding map.

Q: Is there a shuttle bus service for the childcare centre?

A: We do not provide a shuttle bus service.

■Inquiries about Assabu-cho

Q: Please tell me what activities are available during the weekends in Assabu-cho.

A: In addition to seasonal harvest experiences (which vary depending on the season), you can participate in local cuisine workshops and enjoy a stone oven pizza experience. Moreover, within a 30-minute drive from the center of Assabu-cho, there are places such as the deep mountain water source area and the neighboring coastal town of Esashi, where you can experience nature and history. Exploring these places would be enjoyable and provide a unique experience.

Q: Please tell me about the seasonal experiences available.

A: In autumn and winter, you can enjoy activities such as observing and harvesting maitake mushrooms. In summer, there are opportunities for potato digging and asparagus harvesting, providing hands-on experiences related to seasonal foods. Additionally, there are local cuisine workshops and stone oven pizza experiences. During the winter season when it snows, you can play with your children in the snow outdoors! Please feel free to inquire for more details!

Q: How much does it snow/accumulate during the winter season?

A: In January 2020, the maximum snowfall was 1 cm, and the maximum snow accumulation was also 1 cm. The amount of snowfall can vary each year depending on the climate. Typically, the first snowfall occurs in November, and snow accumulation starts around December, with snow often remaining until around April. This is for your reference.

Q: Can you tell me about grocery shopping and stores in the area?

A: We have compiled a map of the surrounding facilities, including roadside stations and restaurants. Please feel free to refer to it for information on nearby grocery shopping and stores.
Please click here to view the map.

Q: Can you suggest activities during weekdays, both during the day and at night?

A: The roadside station offers fresh vegetables harvested every morning, so I recommend enjoying shopping there. Additionally, there is a hot spring facility called "Assabu-cho Kamisato Fureai Koryu Center" located about a 2-minute walk from your residence. You can enjoy a day trip to the hot spring, and it is usually open until 8:00 PM, making it a great option for refreshing yourself after work.
We have compiled a map of surrounding facilities, including roadside stations and restaurants, for your reference.
Please click here to view the map.

■Inquiries about Accommodation and Vacation

Q: I want to see more pictures of the accommodation

Q: Can I choose the accommodation facility?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot choose the accommodation facility.

Q: Is the WiFi speed sufficient?

A: The communication speeds are as follows. The recommended speed for stress-free communication, such as work-related tasks, is said to be between 10Mbps to 30Mbps. For general teleworking purposes, you should be able to use it comfortably.
Accommodation Facility:
Download: Approximately 90Mbps
Upload: Approximately 80Mbps
Migration Center:
Download: Approximately 55Mbps
Upload: Approximately 35Mbps

Q: Can I use the kitchen?

A: Yes, you can use the kitchen. We provide basic cooking utensils such as a refrigerator, frying pan, pot, microwave, rice cooker, and dishes.

Q: Besides the dining area, is there space available for work?

A: In addition to the dining table, there is a sofa and a low table available. You can also use the workspaces at the migration-center. There is no additional charge, and WiFi is available for use.

Q: Is it possible to bring pets?

A: Unfortunately, the accommodation facility we are currently offering does not allow pets. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

■Inquiries about the program

Q: Can you provide an estimated cost for the study abroad program?

A: Please contact us for further inquiries.

Q: Can you provide information about the futon sizes?

Adults:Children: Total Number: Futon Size
1: 1: 2: Semi-double x 2
1: 2: 3: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 1
1: 3: 4: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 2
2: 1: 3: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 1
2: 2: 4: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 2
2: 3: 5: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 3
3: 1: 4: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 2
3: 2: 5: Semi-double x 2 + Single x 3

Q: Can we use the facility for a three-generation stay with grandparents?

A: Absolutely, please feel free to use the facility for a three-generation stay. We encourage you to enjoy various activities, including weekend food experiences, and experience the lifestyle of Assabu-cho together.

Q: Is it possible to bring elementary and middle school students?

A: Yes, it is possible to bring elementary and middle school students. Right next to the childcare facility is a large park, so after dropping off your 4-year-old child, you can also bring your elementary or middle school-aged children to enjoy the park. We believe it would be a great opportunity for them to have a fun and engaging experience together.

Q: Is it possible for my older child who is in elementary or middle school to attend a local school?

A: Unfortunately, we do not currently have arrangements for childcare centre specifically for elementary and middle school students. However, other than attending a local school, there are no issues with bringing them along. For example, if your child is on winter break and both parents can be present during the stay, it would be more feasible. Activities such as the stone oven pizza experience, which can be enjoyed on weekends, are open to participants of all ages, so your entire family can have a great time together.

Q: Are there any items not included in the plan fee?

A: Items not included: Transportation expenses, meals during the stay.

Q: I am not currently considering migration, but can I still participate in the study abroad program?

A: Absolutely. We welcome anyone who wishes to experience the childcare facility study abroad program, regardless of their plans for migration.

■Inquiries about Nearby Facilities

Q: Is there a hospital nearby?

A: The nearest hospital is Assabu-cho National Health Insurance Hospital.

Q: Is there a pediatric clinic nearby?

A: For pediatric care in the vicinity, there is Hokkaido Esashi Hospital in the neighboring town.