Important Information

Things we would like to ask of participating families:

Please apply after agreeing to the contents.

Please refrain from contacting the preschools or accommodation facilities directly.

To reduce the burden on the host communities, all inquiries are being centralized and managed by the operational office. For any pre-booking inquiries, please contact the operational office at support@hoikuen-ryugaku.zendesk.com.
Please note that it may take some time to receive a response, and we appreciate your understanding in advance.

Let's observe good manners.

Each preschool has its own unique approach to childcare, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The value of preschool exchange lies in experiencing various perspectives and values. We kindly ask that you respect and understand this diversity when you visit. In case of excessive demands or malicious harassment, we may have to cancel your participation.

Please submit the application documents within the specified deadline.

In preparation for your family's participation, our teachers and accommodation staff will need to review the submitted documents in advance. We kindly request that you adhere to the submission deadline and cooperate with us in this regard. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Age and Number of Participants

Please note that the acceptable age and number of participants may vary depending on the preschool. Details are provided in each region's brochure, so please be sure to check before applying.

Transportation in the Area of Stay

Please note that transportation options may vary depending on the region, and in some areas, having a car may be essential. Details about the surrounding environment and maps for each region are provided in the section "Accommodation Facilities and Surrounding Environment," so be sure to check them before applying.

Recommended Enrollment in Domestic Travel Insurance (Optional)

We strongly recommend enrolling in domestic travel insurance to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. While enrollment is optional, we encourage you to consider it for your peace of mind during the trip.

Please Allow Sufficient Time for Your Schedule

Depending on your child's age, there may be a need for a settling-in period (initial few days of short daycare). Additionally, if your child experiences any health issues or difficulties adjusting to the new environment, we may request you to pick them up. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your work with some flexibility.
Please note that in case of early pick-up, refunds for the program fees may not be possible, so we kindly ask for your understanding in advance.

Please Bring Sufficient Cash for Your Stay

Please be aware that there may be additional expenses such as parking fees or charges not covered in the accommodation fees that will need to be paid in cash on-site. We recommend having sufficient cash on hand in advance. For more details, please refer to the "Accommodation Facilities and Surrounding Environment" section on each region's page.

Photography and Video Recording at the Preschool

For those taking photos or videos during events, we kindly request that you exercise utmost consideration regarding the handling of images involving other children.

Handling of Personal Information

  • We strictly adhere to confidentiality obligations to ensure that personal information is not leaked and handle it appropriately.
  • The documents you submit will not be used for purposes other than daily childcare. However, in cases of emergency contact during evacuation or extracurricular activities, we may use contact information such as phone numbers, but we will handle it with utmost care.
  • Please refrain from reusing or using any part or all of the contents of the emails we send you for other purposes or secondary uses.

Goals of Japan Preschool Exchange

We kindly ask for your understanding to ensure a positive experience for the accepting preschools and accommodation providers in the region. We sincerely hope that families who resonate with our goals will participate in the program.
  • Preschool exchange involves accepting and caring for study-abroad children while simultaneously providing childcare for local children. There is no special treatment; everyone is treated equally.
  • Preschool exchange does not endorse specific childcare philosophies; rather, it values the experience of immersing children in diverse cultures and environments different from their regular living areas or schools.
  • We hope that participants will embrace the spirit of assimilating into the local community and support the new initiatives of the preschools and accommodation providers in the area, while enjoying their stay at the study-abroad destination.