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Mino Preschool

1. Preschool Overview

Preschool NameMino Preschool
Official Website
Address1765−4 Yoshikawacho, Mino City, Gifu
Phone Number+81 575 33 0239
Preschool Size125 children
Age Range6 months to 6 years old
Children who have no experience of attending preschoolAcceptable
Drop-off Time8:15
Pick-up Time16:00
Extended DaycareNot available
Food AllergyNot supported
AttirePlain clothes
Distance between Preschool to AccommodationsFairfield by Marriott Gifu Mino: 1.2 km (5 minutes by car / 18 minutes on foot) Ogurayama House: 0.6 km (3 minutes by car / 8 minutes on foot) Nipponia Mino Shokamachi: 1 km (13 minutes on foot)
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2. What to Bring

Make sure to write the child’s name on every item.
What to Bring Daily
All ClassesClothes (shirts, pants, underwear)2 sets (or more, depending on the necessity, especially for younger children)
Hand towel
Disposable plastic bags2
Diaper If necessary
0-to-1-Year-Olds ClassBaby bottleIf necessary
Bibs1-Year-Old Class only

What to Keep at the Preschool
You can leave it for a week, and it will be exchanged every week.
0-to-2-Year-Olds Class (*1)Pajamas
Bath towel1 in winter, 2 in other seasons
Lap-sized blanketWinter only
(*1) Naps for children in 3-Year-Old Class and above are generally until August, with no naps from September.

Items Available for Borrowing at the Preschool
Nap cot

Seasonal Items
Snowfall occurs several times in January and February, and it may accumulate. Snow conditions vary from year to year, so please check the local weather forecast and make necessary preparations accordingly. Further details will be provided during the pre-meeting with the preschool.
Summer (July to August)Swimsuit, Swim cap, Towel, Plastic bag for storing wet swimsuit, Change of clothes (T-shirt and pants), Pool bag
Winter (January to February)Waterproof gloves, Rubber boots or snow boots

3. Attire

Please come to the preschool in casual clothes.

4. Preschool Lunch

Food allergyNot supported

5. Communication Notebook

To communicate your child's daily activities, we will use a communication notebook. The entries made by the preschool staff will be in Japanese, but we would appreciate it if you could use tools like Google Lens for translation.

6. Health Conditions

FeverIf the child has a fever of 37.5°C or higher, we will contact you. Please arrange for pick-up. Returning to the preschool after a fever is possible 24 hours after the fever has subsided.
Infectious diseasesIf your child is infected with influenza or COVID-19, we kindly request that you provide home care until you receive permission from the public health office or a doctor's diagnosis.
Injuries In the event that your child's health deteriorates or an injury occurs at the nursery, depending on the symptoms, we may guide you to a private clinic. Hospitals may vary depending on the symptoms, so please follow the instructions of the preschool.
MedicationNot available
Care for sick childrenNot available
Cases of deferring attendanceNone other than those mentioned above
  • Mild cough and other minor health issues may allow attendance, depending on their severity. Please consult with the preschool in the morning on the day of attendance.
  • For tardiness or absence, please contact the preschool directly.
    • Preschool or class closures, early departure or absence by participants do not generally qualify for a refund of program fees.

7. Additional Expenses


8. Other

  • We kindly request your cooperation in strictly adhering to the pick-up time (16:00). After 16:00, there is often overlap with the pick-up time for other children at the preschool, and this may prevent the teacher from providing a direct update on the child's day to parents.
  • Brochure and Map of the Area