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DESTINATION|Omori Town, Oda City, Shimane

ABOUT THE PLACE Oda City's Omori Town in Shimane Prefecture is a small town with a population of about 400 people, located approximately 1.5 hours by car from Izumo Airport. Nestled amidst the mountains and steeped in the history of the World Heritage Site, Iwami Ginzan, it is a town that preserves its historical sites while continuing to lead a vibrant life.
In Omori Town, designated as an Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District, you can experience life and child-rearing in the form of "nursery school immersion" amidst historic buildings and abundant nature, all while being watched over by the town's residents.

Omori Sakura Preschool
A perschool with a unique feature is the preschool building located within the premises of a samurai residence. You can fully enjoy playing in the rice fields, picking mugwort to make rice cakes, frolicking in the river with small fish, and immersing yourself in nature to have a great time.

Nestled within the grounds of a samurai residence, the nursery building provides a setting for children to play freely in the great outdoors.
The Omori Sakura Preschool is located within the grounds of the Watanabe family residence, a samurai residence situated near the center of Omori Town. It features a spacious playground and is adjacent to a beautiful river, providing children with an environment where they can play and learn while experiencing history and nature.
● Fulfilling Children's Desires
In the newly constructed play building, set to be completed around April 2023, children at Omori Sakura Nursery enjoy the freedom to express themselves through drawing and other activities.
● Cultivating Food Education
Food education at Omori Sakura Preschool goes beyond eating—it involves cultivating. The preschool emphasizes the journey from seed to plate. Children get to experience the entire process by learning from local farmers, touching the soil, planting, harvesting, and even engaging in cooking activities at the nursery.
Community of 400 Residents: Nurturing through Watchful Eyes
The joint sports festival with the elementary school involves not only parents but also members of the community. The culture in Omori Town has long been one of collectively looking after all children, not just one's own.
Living Like Locals in a Renovated Edo-Era Building
"Yamada-ya," a lodging establishment, was opened by renovating a house from the late Edo period. It caters to long and medium-term stays and currently serves as lodging exclusively for those participating in the Japan Preschool Exchange.
Blending the Old with a Modern Work Environment
Despite its Edo-era origins, the building is equipped with modern facilities, including Wi-Fi and furnished workspaces, ensuring a worry-free remote work experience.
Cooking in a Traditional Kitchen
The traditional kitchen with its wooden furniture and shelves exudes warmth. The spacious workspace and well-stocked cooking utensils allow guests to enjoy preparing meals using locally sourced ingredients.
Exploring the World Heritage Site: Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine
During weekends, families can explore the historic sites of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, including the mine tunnels, smelting facilities, and the historically designated streets of Omori Town. Various options, such as walking, buses, rental bicycles, and carts, provide flexibility in touring based on personal preferences. Guided tours are also available for those who wish to delve deeper into the history of Iwami Ginzan.


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