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Colorful Preschool

1. Preschool Overview

Preschool NameColorful Preschool (Japanese Website)
Address0-to-3-Year-Olds Class: 136 Ogama, Karikawa, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa District, Yamagata 4-to-5-Year-Olds Class: 1-20 Matsuba, Karikawa, Shonai Town, Yamagata
Phone Number0~3years class: +81 234 56 2436 4~5years class: +81 234 56 2207
Preschool Size148 children
Age Range2 months to 6 years old
Drop-off Time9:00
Pick-up Time16:00
Extended DaycareNot Available
Food AllergyManagement with an elimination diet
AttirePlain clothes
Distance between Preschool to Accommodation9 km (10 mins. by car)

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2. What to Bring

Make sure to write the child’s name on every item.
What to Bring Daily
For all gradesClothes (shirts, pants, underwear)2 (Please put it in some bag)
Bag for dirty clothes1
School commuting bag
0-to-2-Year-Old ClassBibs3-4 (if you needed)
DiapersAbout 5 pieces per day (or you can bring 1 pack and keep it at the school)
Cloth pants3 (Only for 2 years)
Mealtime apron3 for 0~1 year 1 for 2 years
3-to-5-Year-Old ClassHand towel1
Indoor shoes1
DiapersIf you needed
Towel and a Drawstring bagFace towel size (34cm*80cm). To be spread on a chair when putting on underpants/diapers after toilet
Pocket tissuesOnly for 4-5 years (Please put it in a fabric cover)
Water bottleOnly for 4-5 years
What to Keep at the Preschool
Baby wipesBring and leave a supply for 1 to 2 weeks
Items Available for Borrowing at the Preschool
Nap cot and blanketFuton, Blanket, Face towel
Wet towel and Plastic bagFor meals and snacks
Gauze HandkerchiefFor baby
Baby bottle
Seasonal Items We will provide details during the pre-meeting. The following items are available to borrow.
Winter equipment set (An additional fee of JPY3,000- will be charged for rental, On-site payment in cash)
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Jumpsuit
  • Rubber boots

3. Attire

Please come to the preschool in casual clothes.

4. Preschool Lunch

Food allergyCater to exclusion diets (*1)
  • We offer weaning food from the intermediate stage onwards.
  • For the early stages of weaning, only milk will be provided.
(*1)Children with allergies are required to submit additional documentation. Please notify the Operations Office in advance.

5. About the Communication Notebook

To facilitate communication regarding the well-being of your child at the school, please bring a notebook for exchanging information.

6. Health Conditions

FeverWe will contact you if your child has a fever of 37.5°C or higher. Please come and pick up your child.
Infectious diseasesWe will contact you.
Injuries In the case of a serious injury, we will request an ambulance. For minor injuries, a nurse will provide assistance and monitor the situation.
Care for sick childrenNot available
Cases of deferring attendanceNone other than those mentioned above
The school's designated physician
Clinic nameOotaki Children's Clinic (Japanese Website)
Address5-8-2 Higashi Izumi-cho, Sakata City, Yamagata
Phone Number+81 234 23 3212
Insurances We recommend that you purchase travel insurance in advance if necessary.

7. Additional Expenses

There may be additional charges for seasonal events and other special occasions.

8. Other