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ABOUT THE PLACE Takehara City, Hiroshima
This is a town where a rich history, culture, and community, established by many predecessors, coexist. During the Edo period, it prospered in the salt production industry, and based on that, sake brewing and shipping businesses also thrived. The solid and imposing houses built by merchants who amassed wealth through salt production have been designated as a National Important Traditional Building Preservation District and continue to enchant many as a preserved town area.
Chuou Preschool
The accredited Central Kindergarten, operated by the educational institution Honchoji Gakuen, is a traditional childcare center with a history dating back to the Showa era, around 1955. Rooted in Buddhist philosophy, the kindergarten strives to provide childcare that promotes growth with qualities of being "bright, gentle, and resilient."
Despite its rich history, the facility and childcare policies are continually updated. With the concept of "fun" at its core, the curriculum emphasizes a balanced approach to education, covering intellectual development, moral education, physical education, and nutrition education. The goal is to enhance the physical and mental well-being of each child.
The new kindergarten building, completed in 2014, offers various amenities such as a pick-up and drop-off rotary, a chapel, and a café that can be used for child-rearing support and consultations. Outdoor play equipment is available, and the indoor area is fully equipped with bouldering facilities and a swimming pool, allowing children to engage in active play even on rainy days. To help children transition smoothly into elementary school life, the kindergarten has designated every Wednesday as "Learning Day" throughout the year, where students can experience activities like calligraphy, English conversation, number games, physical education, and kendo. Chuou Preschool (Japanese)
The Preschool’s childcare policy and distinctive activities
All children possess boundless potential and wonderful treasures within their little bodies. Our goal is to nurture and expand that potential and to polish those treasures. To achieve this, we strive to provide various experiential opportunities and enriching environments for childcare, education, and play.
We hope that every child will shine on their own, brightly and robustly like the sun that nurtures life, and that they will grow up with gentleness, like the moon that illuminates the night.
Learning is important, but it's equally crucial for young children to have ample time for play and to spend their early years in an unrestrained manner. During the refreshing seasons with good weather and a gentle breeze, we take the children outdoors to play. We go for walks in the neighborhood or up the nearby hills, visit places like Bamboo Park, the sea, or rivers to play in nature to their heart's content. Sometimes, we use the kindergarten bus to be a little more adventurous and engage in field trips for various enjoyable experiences.
The spirit of "let's try anything" transforms each day into something fresh and exciting, fostering a sense of wonder and exploration.
The accommodation in Takehara is a standalone villa located within the Setouchi Golf Resort. This newly constructed villa, built in 22, comes fully equipped with all the essential amenities, providing you with a daily experience that feels just like being at home.
The tranquil everyday life, with views of the gentle waters of the Seto Inland Sea, will allow you to relax and unwind, helping you forget the stresses of your daily routine.
During your stay at the villa, you can expect the following experience:
Inside the villa, you'll find all the necessary kitchen utensils and equipment, but you also have the option for meal delivery from the on-site restaurant. They will bring everything prepared to your room, so you are completely freed from the stress of cooking and cleaning up.
Additionally, there is a shuttle bus service to the kindergarten that parents can also use. In the morning, you can head out to Takehara's preserved town area with your child, where there is a co-working space available for you to work. After finishing your work, you can pick up your child, and you both can return to the villa by bus. (Child-only transportation is possible, but we kindly request parental accompaniment on the first and last days.) ▼Co-working Space
For lunch, you have the option to enjoy local delicacies like okonomiyaki at renowned eateries in the area. Sometimes, you might even treat yourself to an adult-only indulgent lunch. With a plethora of dining choices available, you won't have any trouble deciding where to go for lunch. ▼Image
On your days off, you have the flexibility to engage in activities such as golfing or exploring tourist attractions. This location provides opportunities to fulfill your family's desires and enjoy a variety of leisure activities.
With a golf course right in front of you, on your days off, you can split into a Takehara sightseeing team and a golf team, allowing each person to enjoy their preferred way of spending their free time.


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