[Reserved Guests Only Page] Toyama City, Toyama - Kamidaki Preschool

Thank you for reserving a spot for Japan Preschool Exchange. This is a dedicated page for those who have reserved a spot at Kamidaki Preschool in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture. We will provide you with detailed information from your reservation to the start of your preschool exchange.

1. Details of Preschool and Accommodation Use

Before your preschool exchange begins, please check the details of preschool and accommodation use in advance.

2. Documentation

Regarding the application form for your child who will be participating in the following program, we will provide instructions once your reservation has been confirmed. Please wait for further instructions. As part of the application process, we will require you to submit the necessary documents. Please review them and submit within the specified deadline.
Document Name(1) Family & Child Registration Form (2) Application Form
Submission DeadlinePromptly after the instruction from the Operations Office

3. Online Pre-Meeting with the Preschool

To ensure the peace of mind when leaving your child with us, we kindly request an online pre-meeting with the preschool.
How to Schedule a Meeting
We will schedule the pre-meeting via email. The pre-meeting will take place approximately two months before the program.
Information for the Pre-meeting Day
When your reserved time arrives, please join us from the following address. You can connect using a PC or smartphone.
Meeting on zoom
Meeting ID: 878 6363 3316
Passcode: 17sztE Please download the Zoom app in advance.

4. Contact Information

Inquiries Before Departure for Japan Preschool Exchange
For inquiries related to the Japan Preschool Exchange, please contact the Japan Preschool Exchange Operations Office at the following email address:
  • Please refrain from direct inquiries to the nursery school or accommodation facility.
  • Please note that it may take some time to receive a response. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
On-site Inquiries
Inquire toContact
Accommodation and Check-in Inquiries Locomotion (Yasumura Kogyo Co., Ltd.)+81 76 467 2305 locomotion-8su@xmail.plala.or.jp
Inquiries regarding the Preschool Kamidaki Preschool+81 76 483 1043
Inquiries Regarding Program Fees and Future ReservationsJapan Preschool Exchange Operations Officesupport@hoikuen-ryugaku.zendesk.com
If you get lost or have difficulty finding the contact information, please contact the Japan Preschool Exchange Operations Office. support@hoikuen-ryugaku.zendesk.com